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Let’s take another peak at the IRS Form 990 for the Brett Kimberlin not-for-profit, Velvet Revolution US.DPK20130415A

As noted in an earlier post, The Dread Pirate Kimberlin is not listed in the leadership of the organization—not even as a key employee.

The organization’s books are shown as being kept in the care of either Cohen or Friedman. However, they are as being located at the main address for VRUS which is TDPK’s residence address.DPK20130415B

Mr. Cohen is also the Executive Director of the other Kimberlin not-for-profit, Justice Through Music Project. JTMP’s Form 990 shows that he possesses the books and records of that organization and that they are kept at Mr. Cohen’s residence address.


5 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. Jeffery Cohen is a member of the Bar. He is executive director of Velvet Revolution. Velvet Revolution is offering upto $100,000 to among others “hackers” for information leading to the arrest and prosecution of NRA employees. That sure sounds like offering a quip pro quo for committing the felony of “hacking” into their computer systems.

    Why hasn’t he been disbarred???

    • For the same reason these “non-profits” haven’t been shut down. It’s really small potatoes.

      Yeah, it makes me stomp around and swear, too. Probably even more than it does you.

  2. I’m going slightly nuts with not having time to really dig into the 990’s, but: VRUS received a substantial grant from (IIRC) Threshold Foundation for a specific purpose.

    Is the use of that grant detailed in the 990? Because it’s supposed to be.

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