#BlogHoCoSAO: The Wrap Up

Thanks to everyone who participated. One thing that I’ll note is that no one seems to have received a substantive response from either Mr. Broccolino or any of his staff. One of the participants called me during the early evening yesterday to say that he had tried to call Wayne Kirwin of the Howard County State’s Attorney’s Office all day, but his calls were always directed to voice mail.

Either Mr. Kirwin was very busy today, or …

I wonder if Mr. Broccolino intends to run for reelection next year.

6 thoughts on “#BlogHoCoSAO: The Wrap Up

  1. I can see the thirty second spots already. “ASA Jim Broccolino defends man whom took unsupervised trips with a 10 year-old.” My favorite will be when Mrs. Walker recalls the terror she felt when a convicted bomber stalked her by circling her car taking her picture only to be told by
    ASA Jim Broccolino’s assistant, ‘Stay out of Maryland!,’ and ‘Keep off the internet!'”

  2. Not surprising. Most Democrats automatically take knee jerk positions instead of exercising independent judgment. Maybe most politicians

  3. How about following up with “Everyone poll Howard County?” The mechanics of the poll would be simple enough. First, we have to find a statistically meaningful sample size to poll. That might be around a couple of hundred. Then, volunteers need to be solicited to ask the poll questions. The first questions might be, “Do you approve, or disapprove, of the job Jim Broccolini is doing as ASA?,” and, “Do you intend to vote for Broccolini or someone else in the next election?” That could be followed up with informational questions such as, “If you knew Jim Broccolini’s office told a woman being stalked by a convicted terrorist to stay out of Maryland if she was concerned for her personal safety would you be more likely or less likely to vote to reelect Jim Broccolini?,” and,
    “If you knew Jim Broccolini’s office told a blogger being systematically harassed by e-mail to stay off the internet if he didn’t like being harassed would you be more likely or less likely to vote to reelect Jim Broccolini?” An internet poll would also work.

    I’m sure some of his constituents would want some answers. James Broccolini Esquire thinks he can stiff lowly bloggers. Would he dare stiff his own constituents?

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