Tomorrow is Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day. If you’re going to participate, let me know via a comment, tweet, or email so that I can link to your post on Monday.

Do these two statement accurately reflect the policies of the Howard County, Maryland, State’s Attorney’s Office?

If you’re so concerned for your safety, stay out of Maryland

Stay off the Internet if you don’t want to be harassed.

They are the sorts of things that were told to the Stranahan and Walker families when the sought help in dealing with Internet harassment and stalking. Hogwash! is encouraging other bloggers to contact State’s Attorney Dario J. Broccolino (contact info and more details here) for clarification and to post the answers received along with any commentary tomorrow on Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day.

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  1. I’ve done my first ever blog post to be published at 00:01.

    Here is the shortlink when it is published:


    I hope that other people had better luck than I did getting a comment from the HoCoSAO. My experience was to be ignored completely by them…which sucks bilge water.

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