This Afternoon’s Adventure

This is what the front door to my house looked like as I returned home from work this afternoon.DoorA

DoorBThe door handle was properly attached and not the least bit loose when I left for work. It appears that while my wife and I were gone today, someone pulled so hard on the handle that the screw at the bottom was striped out of the door. Note the broken material around the screw hole.

Not knowing whether this was vandalism or an attempted break in, I called the Sheriff’s Office and then walked around the house to see if any of the other doors or windows had been disturbed. Nothing else was wrong, and the dead bolt on the front door was still locked. When  a deputy arrived, we went in, cleared the house, and found nothing wrong. Some fingerprints were lifted and paperwork filled out, and the adventure, such as it was, came to an end.


9 thoughts on “This Afternoon’s Adventure

  1. It is very very cheap and relatively easy to install an exterior camera system that just records to a hard drive. Just sayin’. Kindest regards-

  2. Need either a Steel encased or solid wood door. Fiberglass ( plastic) encased foam doors aren’t very strong. We have a saying…”locks keep honest people honest.”

  3. See, in South Texas (honest to God) we don’t even lock out doors.

    No, really! The 150 lb Bull Mastiff and the shotgun at the neighbor’s house seem to do the trick pretty well.

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