The Farthest Supernova (So Far)

20130404-135230.jpgThis is a Hubble Space Telescope picture of supernova SN UDS10Wil, nicknamed SN Wilson, that exploded over 10 billion years ago. The small box in the top image pinpoints SN Wilson’s host galaxy. The image is a composite of visible and near-infrared light. The three inserts at the bottom were taken in near-infrared light and show how the astronomers found the supernova. The image at on the left shows the host galaxy without SN Wilson. The middle image, taken a year earlier, shows the galaxy with SN Wilson, but the supernova cannot be seen because it is too close to the center of its host galaxy. To detect the supernova, astronomers subtracted the left image from the middle image to see the light from SN Wilson. That A-B image is on the right.

Image Credit: NASA

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