If They’ve Lost the ACLU …

The NRA is not the only civil rights organization opposed to the Senator Reid’s universal background check bill. Now, the ACLU is piling on, citing severe privacy issues. The problem is the retention of transaction records for private sales. Buying a gun at retail requires a background check, but the record of the check is normally destroyed with 24 hours. The Reid bill would require that the record of a private transfer be maintained, and there is nothing in the bill that would prohibit the Justice Department from using those records to create a gun registry.

The last time I remember the ACLU siding against the Democrats in the Senate was during the filibuster over the Civil Rights Act during the ’60s.

1 thought on “If They’ve Lost the ACLU …

  1. It’s a very, very weird day when the NRA and the ACLU are on the same side of an issue.

    Politics, I guess, makes for strange bedfellows.

    Also: I hadn’t realized that the bill permitted those sorts of shenanigans. Goes to show you how much they leave out of the story in most of the news.

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