#BlogHoCoSAO On 8 April

If you’re so concerned for your safety, stay out of Maryland


Stay off the Internet if you don’t want to be harassed.

That’s what Jim Brewer, an Assistant State’s Attorney in Howard County, Maryland, told Mr. and Mrs. Aaron Walker when they sought protection from what they believed was harassment and stalking. Even if the Walker’s were mistaken (and I don’t think they were), those seem rather inappropriate things for an Assistant State’s Attorney to say.

Do they reflect the actual policies of Howard County State’s Attorney Dario J. Broccolino? Hogwash! is encouraging other bloggers to contact Mr. Broccolino (contact info and more details here) for clarification and to post the answers received along with any commentary on 8 April, Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day.

11 thoughts on “#BlogHoCoSAO On 8 April

  1. I emailed the State Attorney yesterday am. I tried to ask Aaron Walker for his email address but can’t work the typepad, WordPress option. Michael Harris. No I am not afraid

  2. “…stay out of Maryland.” Seems like a bumper sticker waiting to happen. Maryland tourism board and governor should be concerned

    • Maybe if you include a mock up of a bumper sticker saying to stay out of Maryland if you’re concerned for your safety? Like at one of the instant shops, cafepress or whatever? Here’s one from a quick search: http://www.makestickers.com/ If they think people are going to start advertising this on their cars in addition to their blogs, that may help to get their attention.

  3. When Aaron and John where on Own the Narrative internet radio show last week I designed a “Maryland is for Stalkers” bumper sticker while they were on air. It can be seen at http://tinyurl.com/dxsumec (as well as purchased). Bulk discounts apply as does free shipping if you enroll in the free trial of Zazzle Black. Show your support of John and Aaron by putting one on your car.

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