The AP is Technically Correct

The AP has changed it’s Style Book to deprecate the term “illegal immigrant.” Their reason is that the person is not illegal, and that’s true. The act of crossing the border or being in the country without lawful authorization is an illegal act, but the person committing the act isn’t illegal. He’s a criminal.

Thus, a more accurate term would be criminal immigrant.

3 thoughts on “The AP is Technically Correct

  1. Amen. It seems no one ever accepts, or understands, that the problem isn’t with the fact of immigration or immigrants, but the fact that they are breaking the law to immigrate. I’m fine with immigrants, and I’d be fine with reducing the procedural barriers in place as long as we don’t lower our standards, but I’m not fine with letting people violate the law freely, and with no consequence. A crime is a crime, or the law is meaningless.

  2. No, “criminal immigrant” is an oxymoron. An immigrant is someone who has gone through the immigration process. “Criminal alien” or “Criminal invader” would be accurate.

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