Here There Be Aliens

Here is a color coded map showing the places around the London of the Whoniverse that the Doctor has battled aliens. (H/T, Viral Read)

Blue blobs represent the 1960s (plain for William Hartnell, dotted for Patrick Troughton)

Green ones represent the 1970s (plain for Jon Pertwee, dotted for Tom Baker)

Yellow ones represent the 1980s (plain for Peter Davison, dotted for Colin Baker, pins for Sylvester McCoy)

Red ones represent the contemporary series (plain for Christopher Eccleston, dotted for David Tennant and pins for Matt Smith)

In addition orange envelopes are other bits of Who-related information taken from the so-called real world.

1 thought on “Here There Be Aliens

  1. It was interesting to zoom in on parts of London where I once lived and studied. It was sad to see that the old “Kings College Hostel” where I lived is now a four star hotel. ( I can’t help but wonder what the might have done with the chapel, It had some magnificent woodwork, and an organ that one of our group played one night. He made some beautiful music (Bach) but it got the lot of us in trouble with the staff.)
    OH! and I saw that my old haunt “The Coach and Horses” was boarded up.

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