Mr. Kim Rolls a 20

Mr. Kim ably represented his clients Bill Schmalfeldt and Brett Kimberlin. This week, he convinced two different judges that harassment via email or other electronic means does not qualify for a Peace Order in Maryland.

Of course, one consequence of that would be that Brett Kimberlin’s Peace Order petitions against Aaron Walker last year were baseless.

UPDATE—The decision has been appealed to the Circuit Court.

Let me make the following observations:

1.  While I (and every lawyer that I’ve contacted) disagree with the judges’ view of the law, I believe that the cases were handled fairly.

2.  Appeals of Peace Orders to the Circuit Court are new trials from the ground up.

3.  Last year, Brett Kimberlin won 3 out of 4 Peace Order cases at the District Court level and lost every time in Circuit Court.

4.  My neighbor across the street is a Delegate in the Maryland legislature. I will contact her to ask that a bill be offered to clarify that electronic harassment is also covered under the general harassment statue and, thus, is grounds for a Peace Order.

UPDATE 2—Gamers will understand “rolling a 20” to mean a maxed dice roll in D&D that assures success.

There is another meaning for “rolling a 20” used in the UK which refers to rolling the entire contents of a 20 bag of dope in one joint. Considering Brett Kimberlin’s past … well, the Gentle Reader is left to choose the meaning he prefers.

2 thoughts on “Mr. Kim Rolls a 20

  1. I don’t know whether to push the “thumbs down” to express my dissatisfaction with the judges in Maryland, or the “thumbs up” to show my support for your efforts to bring this travesty to light.

    Perhaps part of the planned Blog Day should also discuss/address the pressing need for Maryland’s laws to be applied equally to all…

    I don’t know anything about appeals processes, but can the vast difference in treatment be used to appeal?

    Is it possible to educate the legislators and judges and other officials about the 21st Century and the technologies of today? (I’m an optimist; I tend to assume that people are educable…)

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