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I note that it was left-wing blogger Seth Allen who first blew the whistle on Brett Kimberlin. Ken White from Popehat, who no sentient being would confuse with a right-winger, has sent up the Popehat signal to summon help for at least one conservative blogger I know who was threatened by The Dread Pirate Kimberlin. Here’s what Captain Obvious had to say in a comment yesterday:

I’ll just say right up front, I am not a conservative and tend to lean much further to the left (except on issue such as gun control and taxes), nevertheless, I can respect the opinions and positions of others and engage in spirited and intelligent debate. I may convince someone of my position, and if not, we agree to disagree.

However, recently a number threats to conservative bloggers has been brought to my attention. I don’t mean comments where someone disagrees with a position on an issue and proceeds to explain why, I mean threats that include the blogger’s physical address and a clear threat to do harm.

Free Speech should be encouraged. However, Free Speech does not mean you are free from the consequences of that speech. Such blatant threats of physical harm only seek to chill free speech. Such threats are the mark of a coward who lacks the ability to engage in meaningful debate.

To those who engage in these acts of cowardice I make this statement – my skills in the area of internet forensics is not insignificant. These are skills I will make available to anyone who has been seriously threatened. That information will be provided to the individuals being threatened for them to take to the authorities. My suggestion to anyone tempted to engage in such threats, don’t. Just don’t.

In a followup email, he added this:

[T]his is not based on any political support on my end of any political position nor does it mean I support anyone’s views.  This is plain and simply because I believe threats like this chill free speech and meaningful dialog to move issues forward.  I would have the same reaction if someone in the conservative camp did the same thing.

People of goodwill across the political spectrum support the First Amendment and are willing to stand up to thugs who would trample it. I am proud to work with them on bringing Team Kimberlin to justice.

And one more thing … Captain Obvious is one of several top notch forensic experts working on the identification of harassers who have tried to hide behind stolen identities.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Oh goodness me. Some”one” has rated this post down. Aww – they must not like the idea of being held accountable for their actions. Obviously.

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