Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day

If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.

That’s what Jim Brewer, an Assistant State’s Attorney in Howard County told Mrs. Aaron Walker when she sought the protection of the Maryland legal system from a stalker. The stalker, by the way, was convicted serial bomber Brett Kimberlin.

When the Walkers met with ASA Brewer concerning an harassment charge against Bill Schmalfeldt, he came into the meeting with his mind already made up to drop the charge on Schmalfeldt. When Lee Stanahan met with Brewer about a similar charge against Schmalfeldt, he came in with the same no sale attitude, and even after listening to Mr. Stranahan’s side of the story, would not promise anything.

The State’s Attorney dropped both Stranahan’s and Walker’s charges against Schmalfeldt. That was done without providing the notice of the change of hearing date to either complainant. They only found out when Hogewash! alerted them, and this blog only found out because of a tip from a commenter. This doesn’t seem to be within the spirit of Maryland’s victims’ rights procedures.

I propose the following. Over the next couple of weeks, I encourage bloggers to contact the Howard County State’s Attorney Dario J. Broccolino for comments on those cases and the following questions in particular:

1. Is it the position of the State’s Attorney that operation of a blog allows one unlimited license to contact another person without regard to Maryland Criminal Statutes 3-803 and/or 3-805?

2. Does Mr. Broccilino believe that a public person such as himself may not seek to demand that someone cease contacting him as provided by Maryland Criminal Statutes 3-803 and/or 3-805?

3. Is it the policy of State’s Attorney that non-residents of Maryland must or should avoid entering the state if they are being stalked by a Maryland resident?

On Monday, 8 April, 2013, I suggest that those bloggers who have contacted the Howard County State’s Attorney post the answers they have received along with any comments they feel would be appropriate—8 April should be Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day.

The Howard County State’s Attorney’s phone number is (410) 313-2108.
The fax number is (410) 313-3294.
The email address is sao@howardcountymd.gov.

26 thoughts on “Everyone Blog About the Howard County State’s Attorney Day

  1. I would also think about asking the State’s tourism board if they like the new state advertising theme that will be trending on twitter “Maryland – If you’re so concerned about your safety, don’t come to Maryland.”

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  3. Saw this coming a mile away. The loaded left leaning courts were never going to follow the Laws. They despise them except to use them to GET their way. Folks are fooling themselves, Ex: the SCOTUS ruling on Obamacare, if they think you can get a fair shake anymore. Don’t worry though, it’ll get worse!

    America you were once a shining proud Country. Too bad we let Communists, Atheists, and other perverts kill it by not standing and fighting this filth. We got fat, lazy and let Ourselves be our master.

    Really can not fathom just how much worse it was in the Days of Noah before God judged the world when looking at this society.

    • Yep — word went out that Kimberlin and Krew are PROTECTED. The authorities will not protect anyone from the Party Thugs.

  4. The Orioles are our favourite team, but we’ve decided not to go there now, it’s not safe. We have children.

  5. I think another issue to raise is illegal discrimination based on creed. Failing to protect the rights of a citizen because he was Black would end Howard County in court. Failing to protect the rights of a citizen because he is not liberal is no less of a crime.

    Again, I wish to stress the ASA’s stated reason is specious. The role of the legal system is to insure that all disputes of all kinds are settled by lawful means. There simply isn’t a special set of laws for “political disputes.” Persons engaged in “political disputes” are expected to obey the law at all times. His failure to state his actual position indicates that he realizes his actual motive might be dubious.

  6. Uh Oh, Mr. Schmalfeldt is telling everyone, via his twitter feed, that contacting public officials is “Harassment”.

    Didn’t he just go to court to prove that contacting people was NOT harassment?

    I need a scorecard to keep up.

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