What I Heard in Court Today

Today, Judge Zwaig ruled that because Aaron Walker is a public figure he is not entitled to demand that Bill Schmalfeldt stop communicating with him via email and Twitter. I note that seems to be at odds with Judge Rasinsky’s dicta in his warning to Schmalfeldt on 28 February. Maryland’s misuse of electronic communications law is only recently on the books, and the courts are still sorting out how it will be interpreted.

I heard Bill Schmalfeldt say some interesting things under oath. He said that he is not paid for his work with Breitbart Unmasked. He also said that he does not know the identity of Breitbart Unmask’s publisher, The Watchful Avenger.

The Saga of Team Kimberlin continues to unfold. We will turn another page on Monday.

Stay tune.

UPDATE—While reviewing my notes, I was reminded that Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt seemed genuinely surprised that Aaron Walker had only one Twitter account.

17 thoughts on “What I Heard in Court Today

  1. I fear all the court actions will go the same way until our judicial system starts to understand what is going on. I’m appalled that the judge refuses to recognize harassment.

  2. Since in the eyes of the court this is pretty much ok, just go Riggs on them all and Harrass them back with the truth! post their numbers and photos, call them on the phone, ask questions via twitter, create websites, hell take ads out in the paper! If the courts ain’t gonna help, Beat the bullies back with their own game only using the truth you all have dug up!

      • Um, haven’t the courts established that this behavior is within the bounds of the law?

        Or are you suggesting that the courts would treat you differently than they do leftists?

        • I’m not certain that Judge Zwaig is correctly interpreting the law, but, even if it be that he’s right, conduct that is legal may still be immoral.

    • Any interpretation which considers Aaron Walker a public figure would naturally include Schmalfeldt in that category.

      So, my references to him as a Cabin Boy are a metaphorical commentary on his political speech, and as a public figure there’s not a thing he can do about it.

  3. Is this Watchful Avenger a different persona than @breitbartunmask? IOW, are we supposed to believe they are distinct individuals?

    I ask because the Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt openly admits that he speaks with BU on a daily basis.

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