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On 8 March, I was at the Walker v. Schmalfeldt Peace Order hearing at the District Courthouse in Ellicott City, Maryland, as a potential witness. The hearing was continued until 22 March because the death of Bill Schmalfeldt’s mother.

During the brief hearing on the 8th, the judge brought up a Motion to Dismiss that had been filed in the case. Neither Aaron Walker, who is representing himself pro se, nor Schmalfeldt’s lawyer Tae Kim were aware of the motion. It appears that Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt has been getting some free legal help.

The motion, which reads suspiciously like motions filed by The Dread Pirate Kimberlin in the Virginia Walker v. Kimberlin, et al. lawsuit, was filed on 4 March, but was not served on Aaron Walker in a timely manner. Indeed, the judge had to have court staff make copies for both Mr. Walker and Mr. Kim. A copy was mailed by some unknown person from Ellicott City to Mr. Walker on the afternoon of the hearing.

This brings up several questions.

Was serving the motion on Aaron Walker TDPK’s excuse for lurking about the courthouse parking lot on 8 March? Since someone else could have served Mr. Walker, was TDPK merely looking for an excuse to justify his stalking of the Walker family?

Schmalfeldt was in Milwaukee on the 8th; who mailed the motion to Aaron Walker? Did TDPK mail it?

Did TDPK draft the motion for Schmalfledt? Wouldn’t that be practicing law without a license?

Inquiring minds want to know.

Stay tuned.

14 thoughts on “Free Advice

    • Do you suppose the Criminal Litigation Division of his legal team will be as competent as the Intellectual Properties Division has been (… he said, browsing through Aaron Walker’s collection of Schmalfeldt clips…..)

      • That is what I see too Rick. 3 items on the docket for tomorrow. 1 Peace Order and 2 criminal complaints.

        I predict the Peace Order is granted and the harassment charges are thrown out by the judge. I say that based on just my opinion that the judge will treat this as nothing more than an “internet argument”.

  1. It appears that the probable cause hearings for the harassment cases (Stranahan and Walker) have been move up from 30 April to 22 March.


    • Hence my hunch that they are going to be dismissed. I don’t think our judicial system has caught up to the online age yet. They tend to look at things that are written on line as somehow not as real as a spoken word…in my opinion of course.

  2. Seems to me that having a previously unknown/uninvolved person filing papers on a case would be a no-no. I’d expect Kim to say he can no longer represent his client — lack of trust, for one thing.

    • If the DPBK wrote the filing, as has been speculated, then it is apt to be rife with defamatory statements. While courts seem to ignore defamatory content in a filing from a pro se defendant non-lawyer they don’t from a member of the bar. Aaron Walker should insist on knowing who wrote the filing, and who filed it. If Kim tries to argue the filing he ought to offer Schmalfedt the opportunity to withdraw his motion so that Kim can file a similiar motion. In no case should Schmafeldt be granted the advantages of both being represented and acting pro se without having to accept the disadvantages of both.

  3. It seems Bill Schmalfeldt forgets the threat he made in addition to “Beware the Ides of March”.
    From the outside looking in and watching this drama unfold over the past several months Bill has inserted himself into a situation that’s created nothing but problems for HIM and he only has himself to blame.
    His obsession has grown so big he can’t see the peanut gallery who sit on his timeline 24/7 provoking and goading him on is adding to his legal problems.
    Stress has a negative impact on Parkinson’s and you would think his Twitter allies would maybe try and stop him. But eh, I think they get off on it. What do they have to lose?
    I don’t know, I’m rooting for the good guys here but if Bill was my friend and I sincerely care about him I would be doing everything I can to get him to see the big picture and stop this nonsense.
    Bill? Your Twitter friends are toxic people and sucking the life out of you. Open. Your. Eyes.
    Right Melissa Brewer in DC aka Catsrimportant? You of all people should be ashamed of yourself. Melissa you need to stop exercising your fingers so much, step away from the keyboard and take a walk or something. Or maybe a Genie bra for the back flab thing you have going on.

  4. It will be interesting to see if they dismiss the cases (not to mention, VERY frustrating if they do). It is my prayer that these thugs will be muzzled when it comes to the clear harassment they have done by contacting the victims personally after they have been asked to stop (as opposed to just writing about them). No one should ever have to live under the fear that this harassment brings about.
    However, when it comes to the Hoge Swatting case, hopefully it will have more “grit” to stick and bring the wrong doer to Justice.

  5. So one criminal harassment case dismissed. Won’t be long until we hear the other one is as well based on what Stranahan wrote on his blog. If the State’s Attorney really believes that you can contact someone over and over, even when asked to stop, just because you write a blog, then I’m sure the other charges will be tossed as well.

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