Mr. Down Twinkles Stirs a Thought

Mr. Down Twinkles has been back hitting the thumbs down button on posts for the past few days. He gave me a -1 for today’s post on the bogacious $100k rewards that The Dread Pirate Kimberlin has been offering via his “charities.”

If one examines the IRS filings for Justice Through Music Project and Velvet Revolution US, it is clear that, unless they have had a radical change in their financial condition since 2011, they do not have the assets to pay such a reward. That leaves several possibilities.

First, the reward offers are, in fact, bogus.

Second, TDPK has one or more supporters who would underwrite a payout.

Third, either TDPK and/or the “charities” have hidden, unreported assets.

Discuss among yourselves. Comments are open but moderated.

UPDATE–Oh, look! He’s hit the thumbs down button here too. If all this attention keeps up, I may have to get over my pseudobutthurt from being ignored for so long.

5 thoughts on “Mr. Down Twinkles Stirs a Thought

  1. I remain fascinated by this tale. As much as anything else, and it’s rather sad, it shows how many problems there are in non-profit world that I look at the 990’s, and know why the IRS has never shown any interest. It’s just too darned small.

    It’s bad for nonprofit world and it’s absolutely awful how money gets thrown away, considering that there are so many actual, worthy, active organizations out there, actually educating people and assisting them.

  2. There was a movie Tom Selleck made called “The High Road to China” (which is pretty good, btw). There is one particular scene if you click on this link, and go to the 28:28 mark and watch it until the 29:02 mark (forgive me, I don’t know how to edit youtube) and think of Kimberlin sitting in place of the “bibbed” man, you will get a good laugh. It goes right along with Big Sky bob’s balance sheet comment.

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