$1000 Reward

On 29 October, 2012, Hogewash! received a SWATting threat. An individual has been charged in relation to that crime. On the same day, death threats were received by The Lonely Conservative.

Hogewash! will pay a reward of one-thousand dollars for information leading to the arrest and conviction of the person or persons who made those death threats to The Lonely Conservative. To qualify for this reward, the information must have been given directly to an appropriate law enforcement agency.

8 thoughts on “$1000 Reward

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  2. I, personally, will pledge $100 to the person who provides the proper authorities information leading the to the arrest and conviction of all persons responsible for the murder of Julia Schyphers. I encourage other readers to personally pledge money to the fund.

    To avoid any appearance of impropriety no funds will be collected except in the case of an actual prosecution. Further, any person using their own funds to investigate the murder for the entrepreneurial purpose of collecting the reward ought do so with the understanding that persons pledging funds may not honor their pledges.

  3. You freaking rock, John! I hope some friends who are less broke than me will offer to sweeten the pot, but more importantly, I hope they catch the creep(s).
    I used the wordpress easy button to give this a reblog on my lazy blogger’s blog, Femininican.

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