Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

As I have pointed out in the past, the members of Team Kimberlin such as Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt have the right to remain silent but appear to lack the wisdom to do so when they should.

IANAL, so I can’t give legal advice, but I suggest that CBBS consult an experienced intellectual property lawyer before he makes any further assertions concerning copyrights and fair use. Also, he should consider getting permission before using some else’s personal snapshot lifted from social media.

Here’re some more pro surveillance tips as well. Don’t use your personal vehicle for covert stakeouts. Rent a plain-white, generic van. If you do use your own vehicle, don’t photograph it’s dashboard, especially if it has an distinctive design. Don’t photograph your dashboard clock either. If you want to hide your face while appearing to be a muslim, use a real keffiyeh. If you want pass for someone from the Agency, don’t wear a ball cap from Amazon or WalMart.

And finally, real spooks refer to CIA not the CIA.

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