Aeolis Mons

Mars_panoramaThis layered mound, also called Aeolis Mons (aka Mount Sharp), in the center of Gale Crater rises more than 3 miles (5 km) above the crater floor location of NASA’s Curiosity rover. That’s higher than any mountain in the lower 48 states. Lower slopes of Mount Sharp are a destination for the mission, though the rover will first spend many more weeks around a location called “Yellowknife Bay,” where it has found evidence of a past environment favorable for microbial life.

This mosaic was assembled from dozens of telephoto images taken by the 100 mm focal length telephoto lens camera mounted on the right side of Curiosity‘s remote sensing mast during the 45th sol (Martian day) of the rover’s mission on Mars (20 September, 2012, here on Earth).

Image Credit: NASA

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