Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

The closest thing to a protest that materialized at Blog Bash was this guy.DPBK_photographer1He said the he was a photographer who had been hired by a client who did not wish to be identifies. He spent some time photographing people entering and leaving the venue. Finally, several of the bloggers went out to photograph and interview him.DPBK_photographer2So much for the threats of a fiery imam and scores of pickets. Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s tweet about low turnout was certainly true—about protesters.LG20130314

There were around 500 folks attending Blog Bash. I had a good time sitting at a table with Jeff (Yid with Lid) Dunetz, Mandy (Liberty_Chick) Nagy, and Aaron Walker for a good part of the evening. I can’t remember everyone I saw, but I spent time with Grizzly Joe (Occupy Bawl Street), Stacy McCain, Karen Beseth (The Lonely Conservative), Lee Stranahan, Dee In Houston, Jackie Wellfounder, and many more.

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