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  1. Awwww. You missed the good tweet from earlier in his timeline. The one where he bawls about being killed if forced to go to jail. Of course it never occurs to this genius that if he never broke the law in the first place, none of this would be happening.

    • Thing that bugs me is the variability of his infirmity(?), He was practically incapacitated when he had to go onto his front porch to receive documents from some cops. Simply wouldn’t shut up about his wet socks, jammies, and involuntary bouncing. Yet manages supposed trip to Milwaukee, traumatic emotional experience, and then extensive journey rail with nary a peep. And now he starts in with the moany-groany when he’s back facing the hammer.
      Since he reads Hogewash religiously, I’ll state it clearly so he can get it straight – I don’t believe his claims of disease or travel because I don’t believe a single thing he says. He is without credibility or veracity.

      • At the risk of sounding like I’m defending CBBS (I’m not), PD is a highly variable and unpredictable disorder. There is a story about a support group meeting where someone yelled “FIRE!”. A couple of patients who hadn’t walked in years were the first ones out the door, but they needed their wheelchairs brought to them to return to their seats. Doctors call it kinesia paradoxica.

        FWIW, I believe that Schmalfeldt actually has Parkinson’s, but this in no way excuses him for his sub-human behavior, nor should it shield him from just punishment for his misdeeds. Also, I wouldn’t put it past him to try to use the variability I mentioned to make his condition seem worse than it is. He could, for example, neglect to take his meds before court in order to appear more stiff and immobile (think Muhummad Ali). He could double the dose to increase the dyskinesia (uncontrollable flailing-like movements, think Michael J Fox on a bad day). Or he can use his control unit to shut off the power to the neural stimulator leads implanted in his brain. The effect of this depends what part of the brain they targeted. Most likely it would make his tremor much more pronounced (rhythmic high frequency shaking, probably of the hands) and possibly affect his balance and gait.

        I caution Our Esteemed Host, as well as Mr. Walker and Mr. Stranihan, to be on the lookout for such shenanigans in future court proceedings.

        Schmalfeldt is a disgrace and his antics (using his condition as an excuse, a shield, and an object of pity) are an embarrassment to honest, self-respecting people with Parkinson’s Disease. He should be ashamed.

  2. The solution to the quandary is obvious to everyone except @CBBS:

    Push him on top of the grenade, and run!

    Funny how CBBS’s fevered imagination parallels life in meat space, eh?

    Or perhaps it is his subconscious mind telling him, “pssst! Hey, Bill! About these ‘friends’ of ours…don’t trust ’em!”

    It’s always good to have a handy patsy, eh, @DPBK?

  3. Another day and another criminal act of stalking by Brett Kimberlin. After photographing Aaron Walker’s wife while criminally stalking her, today, he sent out a lackey–it doesn’t really matter which one–to denigrate her appearance on #brettkimberlin. He could have posted that she is the most beautiful woman in the world and it wouldn’t have matter. The real message he had posted on the internet was:

    “I have your picture. I have your picture because I took it while stalking you at the Howard County Court House. I’m out there watching you, and I am not going to stop!”

  4. In some harassment cases, a judge will grant an order which usually states that the harassment cannot be done through intermediaries as well. From the tweet above, plus other history; anything from any of the pirate crew or associates could get the #DPBK locked up for violation. I wonder if they are aware of that?

    • Did Mrs. Walker seek and receive a peace order against Kimberlin? If she did, Kimberlin is in a heep of trouble.

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