What I Saw Last Friday

I am now able to tell you what I saw at the Howard County District Courthouse last Friday.

I had been asked to be available as a potential witness in a hearing on the Walker v. Schmalfeldt Peace Order petition. I had arrived at the Courthouse about an hour early and was sitting in my car eating lunch and dealing with email on my iPad. After a while, I saw a gold Prius enter the parking lot. As it passed by, I noticed that Brett Kimberlin was the driver, so I watched as he slowly drove around the parking lot. The only part of the lot that he did not drive through was the small, almost empty area where I was parked. He drove away.

About a half hour later, not long before the hearing was due to begin, I again saw a gold Prius turning into the parking lot. I turned on the camera in my iPad and recorded Brett Kimberlin as he drove by a second time. Again, he drove down each aisle in the main section of the lot. This time, he also drove into the small side lot where I was parked. As he slowly drove by, with his car passing no more than a couple of feet away from my front bumper, I could see that was holding up what appeared to be an iPhone as if he were taking or about to take a picture or video. As he backed out of the aisle, his face registered an expression that I took to be frustration. He had clearly been looking for something or someone and had not found what or who he was looking for. Brett Kimberlin looked directly at me from no more that 15 feet away and did not seem to recognize me.

While Brett Kimberlin was in the parking lot the second time, I watched him drive past the car in which Aaron Walker was sitting. Mr. Walker’s car had pulled in just ahead of Brett Kimberlin, and his driver had parked the car in plain sight. That he also apparently missed seeing Mr. Walker leads me to believe that Brett Kimberlin was probably looking for the Walker’s SUV or some other vehicle with Virginia license plates.

At no time did Brett Kimberlin pull into a parking space or get out of his car. He was clearly cruising the lot looking for something or someone, and when he did not find what or who he sought, he drove away.

If Brett Kimberlin were coming to the Courthouse for the hearing, he should have gone inside to check on things even if he weren’t sure that Aaron Walker’s car was in the parking lot. If he were coming to serve some sort of papers, he should have gone inside to attempt the service or waited at the Courthouse door in case of a late arrival. He did none of that. From what I saw, it seems more likely that he was looking to see if he could find Mr. Walker’s unattended car—for what purpose I can only guess.

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4 thoughts on “What I Saw Last Friday

  1. With Mr. Kimberlin’s known propensity for planting explosive devices it is a good thing that Aaron was not in a known vehicle and that you were there as an extra set of eyes. The fact that Brett didn’t recognize you may be an indication of an incipient mental breakdown. Stress will do that …

  2. The net draws tighter, and they don’t even get that it is they themselves who are doing the cinching. Learning fundmental life lessons is not in evidence as their strong suit.

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