Unsettling Science

Stacy McCain has a post up about the danger of cheating by scientists who report manufactured data. He notes that there has been a ten-fold increase in withdrawn papers since 1975.

I was on the editorial review board of a journal during the ’70s, and while our peer reviewers occasionally spotted errors, I don’t remember ever seeing fabricated data. Now, we have whole branches of so-called science that rely on data massaged to fit preselected conclusions.


1 thought on “Unsettling Science

  1. WHOA. Apparently it’s alleged by the article the ORI declined to investigate because “Deceased respondents no longer pose a risk.”
    I suppose they are entirely unconcerned with getting to the bottom of all of this, and ensuring it never happens again.
    I’m…stunnned and amazed.
    Full disclosure, I worked an ORI grant by a PI investigating “research misbehavior.” (Misconduct is a now a term of art that the government only considers to be “falsification, fabrication and plagiarism.”)

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