BREAKING: #BrettKimberlin, Stalker

I have had to be very circumspect in what I’ve published about Team Kimberlin for the past couple of weeks because of my status as a potential witness and as a litigant. It’s now time for some of what has happened to come to light. Rather than rehash someone else’s story, I’m sending you off to Aaron Walker’s blog and his recounting of his family’s stalking by Brett Kimberlin.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE–Look, folks, Mr. Down Twinkles is back. He seems to show up to hit the thumbs down button whenever a post gets under TDPK’s or CBBS’ skin.

4 thoughts on “BREAKING: #BrettKimberlin, Stalker

  1. Having read Aaron Walker’s account of the encounter I can now make sense of “Texas Tim’s” account of events:

    “My lawyer friend talked to his buddies at the Howard County Court today and they were all talking about the scene that Walker made today and how they quickly figured that he was nuts. The cops said that Walker tried to mislead them about an “altercation” and that Walker accused Kimberlin of following him and putting a GPS locator on his car.”

    Kimberlin was stalking Walker and his wife and was caught red-handed doing it. In order to avoid prosecution Kimberlin is attempting to assign to Aaron Walker a bizarre conspiracy so that he can argue to the police that Aaron Walker is tin-foil-hat-wearing paranoid. The intent is to prejudice the police when they hear Walker outlining to the police how Kimberlin is trying to manipulate Muslim extremists into killing him.

  2. At this point the NRA ads just about write themselves: Mrs. Walker recalling the fear she felt sitting in her car as a stalker circles her. The NRA then informs the listener that the person stalking Mrs. Walker, Brett Kimberlin, is the person trying to “stop” the NRA from defending the right of women like Mrs. Walker to protect themselves.

  3. Not unusual for Kimberlin to lie. RSM calls it the accuse the accusers thing. What is amazing is that bs works in court. People think its like LA law or some other legal beagle show where the truth shall prevail.

    He relies on the fact that the good guys are good and will not similarly lie. Because we won’t stoop to his level. Because he doesn’t really have a reputation to protect. People with real lives don’t need the slander, and have no recompense.

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