#BrettKimberlin Wants You Disarmed

When I’ve been blogging about The Dread Pirate Kimberlin and his attacks on the Bill of Rights, I’ve been dealing with First Amendment issues so far. He is now attacking the Second Amendment as well. His 501(c)4, Velvet Revolution US, has a new subgroup called NRA Watch (No, I won’t link to their website.) that is dedicated to more gun control. (H/T, Lee Stranahan)

Among the control measures the “group” advocates are:

Banning military style assault weapons–which I suppose would include the AR15s that TDPK unlawfully possessed during his drug dealing days.

100% background checks on all gun sales–which might have caught TDPK’s straw purchasers transferring firearms to him.

Correcting the myth that the “solution to our problem is to arm more people”–which brings up the question of whose problem “our problem” is. Certainly, having guns in the hands of good guys does not solve a problem for crooks and thugs.

5 thoughts on “#BrettKimberlin Wants You Disarmed

  1. At this point, it might be easier to list the gun-grabbers who AREN’T violent criminals.

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  3. That’s rich , a convicted terrorist bomber preaching about “public safety” and advocating a disarmed citizenry … yet the statists fail to see the irony . Such a principled lot .

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