Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

Just because I’m not discussing some things doesn’t mean that I won’t discuss any thing.

It has been noised about that someone is paying me to blog about Team Kimberlin. I wish.

I haven’t made a dime off this blog. Ever. It’s actually been a rather expensive hobby. Over and above the cost of having a paid account with several feature upgrades (such as no ads), a significant portion of the time I’ve spent researching and reporting about The Dread Pirate Kimberlin and his crew has come at the expense of billable hours for my day job. Add that loss to travel and other expenses, and I’m out a five-digit chunk of change.

While this blog averages substantially more hits each day than any of the Team Kimberlin sites (perhaps more than all of them combined), it doesn’t really have enough traffic to be worth the additional business paperwork to try to monetize it. Who know? It may be that one day you’ll see an Amazon affiliate link or a tip jar or whatever here at Hogewash!, but that day isn’t here yet.

Meanwhile, I’ll keep blogging about Team Kimberlin and other topics that interest me. At my own expense.

Stay tuned.

1 thought on “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day

  1. What’s the point in replying to the substance of their ad hominem conspiracy theories? If you refute one of their bogus charges there will just be another. They aren’t intellectually honest, nor are they even capable. If they happen to tell the truth either it is accidental, or they manage to correctly grasp reality through the fog of their various pathologies and calculate it is in their best interests. The only moral qualm they have about lying is being caught and looking bad. In this case, since they will just move on to the next spurious accusation they won’t have any qualms about what they have just done.

    There are throwing mud to see what sticks. Playing along with their games only gives them the chance to hone their attacks. In my opinion, the answer to such attacks to demand who is staking their reputation in making them? You can see the problem with team Kimberlin: no one on team Kimberlin has a reputation to stake. Taking their arguments seriously is granting them a status they simply do not deserve. What you should take seriously is their intellectual dishonest, and mental pathologies. Neal Rauhauser continued to believe that Breitbart framed Congressman Weiner after Weiner publicly admitted that he in fact posted little Anthony on the internet. Enough said.

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