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Just because I’m not discussing some things doesn’t mean that I won’t discuss any thing.

Some of the Gentle Readers may have seen reports of various goings-on allegedly related to some of the pending court cases concerning Team Kimberlin. Don’t believe everything you read on the Internet. There’s a bunch of shuckin’ ‘n’ jivin’ going on in an attempt to control the narrative.

Stay tuned.

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  1. Lee Stranahan is really exposing Kimberlin for what he is. Stranahan has recently noted that if media accounts are correct, Brett Kimberlin solicited the murder of number of individuals to not one, but two, prospective assassins. Both men were fellow inmates, and, both were about to be released. Both, apperently, reported the murder solicitations to the warden. Strangely, this part of the Kimberlin saga hasn’t received much press. I would like to note a few more parts of the Kimberlin saga that haven’t received much press, but, in my opinion, ought to have received more.

    The first is fact that the DeLong’s attempted to seize monies that Brett Kimberlin was routinely transfering out of prison. The question I have is what was the source of those funds? Brett Kimberlin was among other things an admitted drug smuggler (see his authorized biography), drug dealer, and para-legal. These raises a series of obvious possibilities.

    The second was BKE, Kimberlin’s corporate shell after he left prison. The question I have is why it occured to him to do business in the Ukraine? Among other things, Kimberlin was a pornographer, smuggler, drug dealer, bomber and terrorist. At the time Kimberlin set up business in the Ukraine it had among the most lax child pornography laws in the world. It, also, had military equipment, including nuclear bombs, missiles, and launchers, left over from the Red Army that were not fully accounted for at all times due to the chaos that occured during the breakup of the Soviet Union. These are very odd coincidences to ignore.

    And, what exactly did happen to the money BKE received from Singer’s book? Everyone seems to assume that it is gone. But, all we know for sure is that BKE received a quarter of a million dollars in royalities, and, that BKE did business in the Ukraine. The rest of Kimberlin’s story is about as reliable as he is.

    The third is Kimbelin’s aunt. The basic fact is that Brett Kimberlin is a son of privilege. His father was a lawyer who was a member of the top two percent, if not the top one percent. Kimberlin’s aunt is probably in the top one-tenth of a percent. Here we have a story of a son of the “1%” who blew up a member of the “99%” without one iota of remorse. After he is released from prison for his crimes against members of the “99%,” his “0.1%” aunt provides financial seed money to set up her ne’er-do-well nephew in a “charity.” That “charity” doesn’t seem to do much, and, the wealthy aunt doesn’t seem to care. What that “charity” does seem to do is harass people, and, again, the wealthy aunt doesn’t seem to care. If the same set of circumstances occured to David and Charles Koch the outrage would deafening.

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