Morning Star

Venus was one of the morning stars last month. It has moved back into the glow of the Sun and will become an evening star in April. Here’s an unusual view of Venus as a morning star.Venus from Saturn 2

In this picture from NASA’s Cassini spacecraft dawn on Saturn is greeted by Venus. The inner planet appears just off the edge of Saturn in the upper right, directly above the white streak of Saturn’s G ring. Saturn’s E ring is also visible, looking blue because of the scattering properties of the dust that comprises the ring. The bright spot near the E ring is a distant star.

Another image of Venus and Saturn was taken when Cassini flew through the shadow of Saturn. This allowed the spacecraft to look back in the direction of the Sun and Venus and to take a backlit image of Saturn and its rings in a particular geometry which reveals details about the rings and Saturn’s atmosphere that cannot be seen at lower viewing angles. Venus can be seen through the rings.Venus from SaturnImage Credit: NASA

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