When Jobs Are Outlawed …

… only outlaws will have jobs.

The Minimum Wage Law does not create jobs. Rather, it outlaws jobs that are worth less than some arbitrary wage. When those jobs are outlawed, the market produces several responses.

Some folks give up and go on welfare.

Some low-paid workers continue to work in jobs that would otherwise be legal but are now off the books. That’s illegal, and they become outlaws.

Some turn to crime and become serious outlaws.

Do we really want to raise the Minimum Wage?



2 thoughts on “When Jobs Are Outlawed …

  1. The messed up part is that they admit that this happens; they understand the concept that a minimum wage prices workers out of the market by rejecting the idea of a $90/hour minimum wage; so if it prices some low-wage workers out of the market, then how does it benefit the economy? Doesn’t it just concentrate the higher wages in the hands of fewer people, y’know, contributing to ‘income inequality’? 😉 (just like unions? 🙂 )

  2. It tends to parallel the old 2A argument, When jobs are outlawed, only outlaws will have jobs.
    (That would be those on “unemployment” who are paid cash “under the table”.)

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