Important Civil Rights Victory

The Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals has upheld a ruling striking down the Illinois law preventing the carrying of handguns in public. Last fall, that court gave the state a 180-day stay in the ruling to allow the legislature to enact a new law that would pass constitutional muster. If the legislature fails to act soon, Illinois will join Vermont, Wyoming, Alaska, and Arizona as a constitutional carry state.

6 thoughts on “Important Civil Rights Victory

  1. There are only 4 states currently?! That disturbs me. Thought TN was as well, but I guess they must just be lax by comparison.

    • Constitutional Carry means the state has no law or regulation regarding the carry of firearms. That means that if you are in legal possession of a firearm, you may carry it openly or concealed with no license or permit.

  2. Wished Maryland was. Sad part it’s compeating with NY and CA as the most unconstitutionally restrictive state on the right to keep and bear arms.

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