Bill Schmalfeldt is a Bully

This is a guest post by my son William:

Last month, I did a guest post here about my reaction to Bill Schmalfeldt’s implied threat to the families of people such as Lee Stranahan and Patrick Frey. I suggested to him that if he wanted to come after someone’s kid, he could try me. I’m 25 and able to take care of myself.

Mr. Schmalfeldt has been saying that I’ve threatened to kill him. That isn’t so. Click on this link to the original post and see for yourself. He’s the one who makes threats and then attempts to backpedal. It’s as if he’s saying, “No fair! You’re not supposed to defend yourself.” It’s just a load of Kimberlin-style fact twisting. And isn’t it interesting that he didn’t think enough of the “threat” to report it until after he had been called to account for his threats?

Oh, two more things.

My father is very familiar with Julius Caesar. He has performed the role of Mark Antony.

And I like my hot dogs with chili, cheese, and bacon.will_hotdog
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5 thoughts on “Bill Schmalfeldt is a Bully

  1. So he did report you? Amazing. That is a straight up retaliation for your father reporting his “ides of march” threat.

    Anyone who saw the original post saw that it was not a death threat. I’m confident that this will get thrown out when it goes to the hearing.

  2. What he is doing is seeking attention and he is getting it. Saying outlandish, offensive, idiotic things is how he gets it. It works, apparently.

  3. Dude,
    I never thought about putting bacon on my chili dog. Thanks for the idea. Keep on posting, we like the other post you did.

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