Team Kimberlin and 3-805

On 16 September, 2012, I put up a post asking those persons trolling me on Twitter and in the comments section of this blog to “save your breath.” That was a request to cease sending me annoying messages.

I post this as a second warning. Do not address any further communication directly to me. This demand covers email, comments to this blog, Tweets, and other social media posts. Feel free to comment about me all you desire, but do not address anything else to me.

This demand is sent specifically to the individuals tweeting under the following user names:


7 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin and 3-805

  1. You forgot the @LiberalGrouch handle. Even though CBBS runs both, word games will have him thinking he can still use the LG handle to harass you.

  2. Incarceration is like the grave, neither is enjoyable. At his stage in life and with his health issues, the first would rapidly lead to the second as healthcare for inmates is mostly non-existent. Sucks to be him.

    • I doubt he’ll get incarcerated. At least on a first offense…unless he totally pisses off the judge. Now, if he gets convicted of this several times…then we may see the harsh penalty come into effect.
      I think I’ve gotten lucky and all three of those handles, plus the @LiberalGrouch handle has me blocked…so I rarely see what they have to say anymore. I think they all blocked me today as I am getting a notice on my iPad that I am not allowed to access certain tweets from them in other peoples timeline.

      • Open up a new twitter account. Something with Anonymous attached to it. These guys love anonymous accounts.

  3. I’m loathe to admit it, but I am the one responsible for the down thumb, lest you think it was someone else. A complete accident!! I was TRYING to hit the up thumb, but I’m using my smart phone and my finger was too fat. If I could undo it I would. Sorry!

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