You’ve Been Served!

This speaks for itself.


UPDATE–What’s next for Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt?

He’s been summoned to a preliminary hearing to determine if there is probable cause that he violated Maryland Code Annotated Criminal Statue 3-805, which makes it a crime to use email or social media to continue to harass or annoy someone after being told to stop. There is, by the way, no exception for a “journalist;” one may write about someone, but one may not continually address messages to that person after being told to desist.

The Maryland District Court website explains what happens at a preliminary hearing:

A preliminary hearing is a proceeding held in the District Court to determine if probable cause exists to charge you with a crime. You are not allowed to testify or to offer evidence at the hearing, but you have the right to hear the evidence against you and to cross examine the state’s witness.

UPDATE 2–Based on an account from an eyewitness who is not a party to the matters at issue, I can report that the original complaint brought before the District Court Commissioner was only for misuse of electronic communication. Based on the evidence she saw, the Commissioner added the 3-803 harassment charge.

UPDATE 3–For a lawyer’s analysis of the case (but one that contains no legal advice to anyone), go here.

UPDATE 4–I should remind the Gentle Reader that some time ago I stated my intention to ignore CBBS until the beginning of the denouement for Team Kimberlin. Therefore, it not unreasonable for the Gentle Reader to draw an inference about the times and seasons from this post.

15 thoughts on “You’ve Been Served!

  1. How curious that the MD court’s database has fields for the defendant’s height and weight. I suppose that’s also on your driver’s license, but to the extent that a driver’s license is an ID tool, it makes some sense. It seems stranger in a legal notice.

  2. Oh goody. I finally get to see his “wait till I roll into the courtroom in a wheelchair with my morbid corpulence Parkinson’s jitter” soi-defense put to the test. I imagine he’s in for a bit of a surprise when no one gives a damn and especially when he gets tutored that he isn’t and never has been in charge of anything. Reddenbaker heaven here I come.

  3. His Twitter timeline today is all about he will be able to cross examine Stranahan on a myriad of subjects. Am I correct in thinking that is not going to happen due to the lack of relevance? And if he is allowed such leniency, wouldn’t that mean the Breitbart Unmasked account, and Kimberlin and associates etc. would also be fair game for disclosure and cross-examination?

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  5. Do you have any sense for how long these procedures generally take? The preliminary hearing is scheduled for April 30th. Assuming the hearing concludes with a finding of probable cause, how long until a trial?

  6. The longer the better. CBBS will be driven by his nature to bluster and bloviate and commit rash acts that will only dig him in deeper. Here’s hoping he implicates the rest of the crew in a fit of self-imagined righteous indignation.
    (psssst Parky! Judges love it when you curse and talk about poop and then call them names and demand they do things. They love it so much that sometimes, if you’re real insistent on doing it, they may have you stay after court. This is usually so they can get to know you better and have you help clean the blackboards, so lay it on thick.)

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