One of First Mate #NealRauhauser’s Alter Egos?

Sock puppet master extraordinaire Neal Rauhauser has many alter egos. Perhaps he has recently outed one.

The Vast Hogewash Research Organization has come across a document that appears to be an ex parte letter from FMNR to the judge in a New Jersey case where he is a defendant. One of the sentences reads:

Online harassment artist Aaron Walker filed a series of lawsuits in Virginia, Maryland, and federal court that named me as a co-defendant.

The federal suit? The defendants in that suit are Brett Kimberlin, Justice Through Music Project, Velvet Revolution US, and John Doe 1 (Proprietor of Breitbart Unmasked). Is that a tacit admission of FMNR being Breitbart Unmasked?


2 thoughts on “One of First Mate #NealRauhauser’s Alter Egos?

  1. I wouldn’t rule it out quite yet; however, I could easily chalk it up to sloppy writing. (Especially when you consider how poorly even the ‘professional’ media currently writes.)

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