Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt’s Case in Review

To summarize the week’s events so far:

On Tuesday, Lee Stranahan came to Maryland and filed a charge of misuse of electronic communications (Maryland Code Annotated Criminal Statute 3-805) against Bill Schmalfeldt.

During the early morning hours of Wednesday, a District Court Commissioner reviewed the filing and, based on the information presented, issued a summons to Bill Schmalfeldt on a 3-805 charge, and she added an additional charge of harassment (3-803) as well.

Today, the Howard County Sheriff served the summons on CBBS. There are more details here.

Lee Stranahan is now the complainant in the case and, as such, is not able to discuss the matter in great detail. He has posted this statement. Stacy McCain, OTOH, is under no such restrictions. His initial comments are here. Aaron Walker has a lawyerly analysis here.

Stay tuned for more as things develop.

One thought on “Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt’s Case in Review

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