Team Kimberlin—Yet More Review

I’ve been blogging about the Team Kimberlin story since Lee Stranahan kicked off the Everybody Blog About Brett Kimberlin Day last May. Since July, I’ve done some original reporting on the Kimberlin v. Walker and Walker v. Kimberlin cases because they have been playing out in courthouses near my house.

I sometime forget that not everyone has followed those cases or the larger Team Kimberlin story as closely as I have, so it’s time for a bit of review. On Monday, I referred you to a post by Stacy McCain that provides some of the background on the Saga. Yesterday, I referred you to this post by Aaron Walker that fills in some more details.

Today, I want to you look at this post by Ken from Popehat about the kind of thuggery Team Kimberlin inflicted on one blogger.

2 thoughts on “Team Kimberlin—Yet More Review

  1. There is one other thing about Paul Lemmen’s story that isn’t being told here though. That is that some people say HE is part of Team Kimberlin. His participation in the story, rather than just as a reporter of the story, is one of the most twisted and convoluted branches.

    He wrote the “non-partisan” story that accused Aaron Walker of fraud. He supplied the Team Kimberlin narrative in his story, written for Brooks Bayne’s The Trenches website, that Aaron was not fired because of threats from Brett Kimberlin, but instead because of Aaron’s blogging on the Everybody Draw Muhammad site he ran. Which also dovetailed into Team Kimberlin’s narrative that the Everybody Draw Muhammad site is a hate site.

    Paul Lemmen has also been linked to First Mate Neal Rauhauser, through his early blogging on the story.

    Is Paul Lemmen part of Team Kimberlin? I don’t know. I do know that those harmed by Team Kimberlin the most think of him as such.

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