But No AR15 Reviews Yet

Consumer Reports has a blog post up noting that gun accidents are a very minor cause of accidental deaths in the home. Poisoning and falls are what kill adults. Suffocation and drowning are the main killers of kids. (We need to outlaw those 5 gal assault buckets; if it just saves one child …)

There’s no word yet on when we will see CR do a Glock 21 v. the M1911 article.

3 thoughts on “But No AR15 Reviews Yet

  1. When will Consumer Reports start reviewing government drones? Haven’t they killed over 170 children in the last 5 years? Maybe these things need to be recalled.

  2. Glock 21 and the M1911…I have both, actually, several of the latter.

    Very different handguns, serving different needs. The Glock is like Tupperware – functional, serviceable, but it lacks that certain something.

    Still, I like it. But I love my 1911s – like the M1 Garand, it has both history and romance…

    I could go on, but the spousal unit needs my attention…

  3. John,
    The N.R.A. I.L.A. just sent me a startling fact brought to light by none other than The Reverend Jesse Jackson, “You know that these weapons [Semi-Autos] can shoot down airplanes, they can blow up railroads. This is really a whole national security issue,” Who-da-thunk-it ? I am a good shot, but I do not know of anybody who is THAT GOOD.

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