What’s a Hate Group?

Would an organization that publishes information that inspires violence against those it disagrees with be a hate group? I suppose that might be a reasonable qualifier.

Do you remember the shooting at the Family Research Council last year? The perp now says that he was inspired to do it because the Southern Poverty Law Center listed the FRC as a “hate group.” The FRC opposes gay marriage, you see.

I don’t recall anyone saying that they had attacked anyone else because of what the FRC has said. That can’t be said of the SPLC. So, who are the haters?

4 thoughts on “What’s a Hate Group?

  1. See this is what I mean about the identification by leftist groups like SPLC and even the DHS declaring in some of its publications that conservatives and associated groups “can be” considered radicalized or hate groups…its obscene and just plain wrong-minded. However, these groups, main stream media and even the emperor and his admin comrades are being allowed to get away with saying these outrageous things…Not to say that there are not radical people within any fringe movements…HOWEVER, I DO NOT consider them to be conservative either…just plain cuckoo pantz…that does not keep the media et al from pointing to said cuckoo pantz and telling the citizens at large that they are “part of the hard right” NO they are NOT…they are aberrations, not the norm and NOT part of the modern conservative movement. The European classification of what is right and what is left is NOT valid here in the US because there is no connection between our current American Conservative movement and the nationalist or national socialist movements that the Europeans consider to be “right wing”…

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