Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Form 990

Let’s go through the Justice Through Music Project Form 990 for 2011 together.

As noted yesterday, although the JTMP website offers DVDs for sale, the only income shown on the 2011 Form 990 is from Contributions and grants (Page 1, line 8). There’s no income shown for selling anything. That’s sorta interesting because on Page 2, line 4a, the 990 states that JTMP’s primary program service accomplishment is



Moving along to Page 3, line 3, the question “Is the organization required to complete Schedule B, Schedule of Contributors?” is answered with a “Yes.” The is no Schedule B attached. The instructions for Form 990 say that all contributions of $5,000 or greater should be listed. The Tides Foundation shows a $10,000 contribution to JTMP on its Form 990 for 2011.


Scrolling down to Page 10, line 11c, we find that there was $11,852 of Accounting expense. That compares with $6,905 in 2010 and $2,450 in 2009 for all Professional fees and other payments to independent contractors.


Lines 16 (Occupancy) and 24d (Utilities) on Page 10 are $15,225 and $12,795 respectively. We will examine a possible explanation of those expenses in a later post.

These are just a few of the things that caught the eye of a non-accountant quickly reviewing the document. More experienced eyes are also looking.

Stay tuned.

UPDATE–To be fair, I should note that a Schedule B may have been filed. The IRS does not make them publicly available.

7 thoughts on “Dread Pirate #BrettKimberlin and Form 990

  1. A little more fun with math. TDPK reportedly gets paid $19,500 in 2011 and works 40 hours a week. There are 52 weeks in the year. So divide $19,500 by 52 you see that TDPK makes $375 a week. Divide that by the 40 hours he works and you get $9.375 or rounded up to $9.38/hr

    Mrs TDPK must make a much better living than her ex-con husband. If TDPK were really out from under the judgement he owes to the Widow DeLong, he would not need to hide his true earnings. I have several queries I would like to make to her (Mrs. TDPK) but think she should be left out of his shenanigans unless she actively involves herself. Which she has not done as far as I know.

    I’m not sure of the cost of living there in Bethesda, MD, but being near the capitol I am sure it is probably pretty high…that amount of money is barely enough to live where *I* live for a family of 2 which has a considerably lower cost of living I am sure. He has at least one child, 2 IIRC from other reports…a family of 4 living in Bethesda, MD on a $9.38/hr job. Doesn’t add up any way you look at it.

      • I believe he does, or in a guest house of his mothers. I’ve read differing views on that. He is also supposed to be paying rent there. At least according to past Form 990’s. JTMP is picking up the tab for the OFFICE (at wildly differing amounts each year) but who is picking up the tab for the living space? If it is JTMP, then that is a form of payment that should be reported as part of his income. A thorough forensic accountant could have a field day looking into this.

    • I don’t see how he could win a judgement for money against someone when he has a judgement against him. He still owes the Widow Delong. In fact all of the hiding of assets is BECAUSE he owes Carl DeLong’s widow.

      One of the ways that his assets have been hidden is the suit that was brought against him by his own MOTHER. He used that as an excuse at least one time against paying the judgement in the DeLong case, I thought.

      The only “Big Money” I am aware of that he received was his portion of the Citizen K book advance.

      Now these are all things I have read on the internet, so I could very well be wrong. If you or anyone else knows of any cases he won that earned him money that has him on easy street I would be real interested in reading about it.

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