My Son and Bullies

I’m proud of my son. He isn’t perfect, but he does have many excellent qualities, one of which is bravery. Also, like me, he hates bullies.

One day, when Will was in middle school, he was in the park near our house when he saw some older boys bullying some younger kids. Will yelled for them to knock it off, and when the didn’t, he moved in between the bullies and their victims. The small children were able to escape. Will, facing 3-to-1 odds, took a beating. That wasn’t the only time he confronted bullies, but it was the only time he came out on the short end of the stick.

Late yesterday evening, Will called out another bully with a history of terrorizing small children. It seems that rather than backing off, the bully is going to turn his attention to my son. Will tells me that he looks forward to seeing how Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt makes a fool of himself this time.

7 thoughts on “My Son and Bullies

  1. It’ll probably be a filthy diatribe, followed by sophomoric humor.
    CBBS wouldn’t be so bad if he could just keep his fingers from delving from argument into filth slinging. I often wonder if he has a vocabulary that developed past middle school. He simply goes for the shock value of some scatological effect or some such. Rather simple really.

    • I think that surgery may have caused brain damage. Remember those crazy stories about how some guy would get a spike through the head and then miraculously survive? They would remove the spike, he would recover…but he was never quite the same. His mood changed. He became agressive, had anger management issues and even had violent and vulgar outbursts. Eventually he became a completely different person.

      You never know.

  2. I’ve been trying to think of the kind of person that targets women and children and I just keep coming up with: “the mentally ill” and “Neal Rauhauser”.

    And this is a guy who brags about being a military vet. But no military that I know would ever go after a mother and her children. It’s a dishonorable act.

    • I’m a vet myself, and I always say that family and kids are off limits in arguments and fights. Even if the other person uses them in some way.

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