Where in the World is Lee Stranahan?

As near as I can tell, he’s spent the weekend in Steubenville, Ohio, where he’s been doing a first-rate job of debunking the outrageous lies being told about a rape case, the people involved, and the whole town.

As Mr. Stranahan has noted, there seems to be some sort of tie between the Anonymoids harassing Steubenville and Team Kimberlin. Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s fascination with Lee Stranahan has led him to make all sorts of unsupported claims—the most recent being that Mr. Stranahan was not, in fact, in Steubenville this weekend.

Now, I don’t know of my own personal eyewitness knowledge that Mr. Stranahan went to Ohio this weekend. However, I’ve had a communication from a trustworthy person claiming to have paid for Mr. Stranahan’s airline ticket. Moreover, I’ve found Lee Stranahan to be truthful. CBBS, OTOH, is routinely found to be factually challenged.

CBBS and his followers and sock puppets are all over Twitter demanding that someone prove where Lee Stranahan was today. That’s nonsense. They are claiming that he wasn’t where he said he was. They are making an accusation. They are obliged to prove it.

Either offer proof, not innuendo, but proof, that Lee Stranahan was not in Steubenville, or shut up.

4 thoughts on “Where in the World is Lee Stranahan?

  1. Clearly, they are trying to “dox” his location in Steubeville. The real question is why? The obvious explanation is that they are planning to physically stalk him, or worse. I fairly sure that their motive is to taunt Lee into sending some sort of internet report that they intend to trace back to a hotel, cell tower, or web cafe. This is seriously sick shit that ought to be reported to the FBI. I’m sure the FBI would ignore the report, unless something happened to Lee. At a minimum, it would be good insurance.

  2. As if anyone would lie about being in Steubenville. OK, maybe to DENY it, but no one would say they were there when they weren’t…

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