Hello, Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt, I’m One of Their Kids

The following is a guest post by my son William IV in response to this tweet by CBBScbbs20130127

Bill Schmalfeldt, you are a cowardly bully who gets his kicks terrorizing other people and their families. You strike me as the kind of thug who should have had the stuffing beaten out of him on the playground in elementary school as a lesson in how to survive in polite company.

Rather than terrorizing Patrick Frey’s wife and children or Lee Stranahan’s family again, I suggest that you try me. I’m closer to your size. Here’s a picture of me so you’ll know for sure who you’re dealing with.williamIV

5 thoughts on “Hello, Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt, I’m One of Their Kids

  1. My hat is off to your son, Mr. Hoge. Love the picture. CBBS I’m sure will have a fit of apoplexy. I doubt however he has the balls (pardon my french) to go after your son.

  2. Nice piece. I’m currently looking at a Colt 1911 and an S&W .38 6 shooter. Diversification in one’s portforlio is so important these days. Although, I have to admit…I’m partial to the classics.

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