Don’t Know Much About History

Stacy McCain offers a verbal spanking to Scott Lemieux for his use of the Liberal Random Epithet Generator. Mr. Lemieux does not approve of the Circuit Court ruling in the National Labor Relations Board case that held that Presidential recess appointments must be made only when the Senate is, in fact, in recess. Mr. Lemieux’s epithet is “Neo-Confederate Judges.” He seems to believe that Confederate judges would be opposed to organized labor.


If I remember my history correctly, much of federal labor law has its roots in racism. The Davis-Bacon Act, for example, was specifically adopted to keep non-union (read, black) workers from taking jobs from union (read, white) workers. That’s the sort of thing I’d expect a Confederate judge would have upheld.

2 thoughts on “Don’t Know Much About History

  1. Well, what about the Exclusion Act of 1882? That was backed and ultimately pushed through by the labor unions. It caused the deportation of thousands of Chinese immigrants. Those who had legal standing to stay, in many cases, were relentlessly beaten, murdered or just rounded up and deported anyway. All this, based on their ethnicity.

    Oh wait…that’s not racism. It was union backed and occured mostly on the West Coast. So it must tyranny by the federal government.

    Oh wait…our glorious democracy doesn’t do tyranny. So it must be racism.

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