Fisking First Mate #NealRauhauser

The Crying Wolfe posted an image of an email from Neal Rauhauser which claims to give an account of the 8 February, 2012, peace order Kimberlin v. Walker peace order hearing.


Then he [Aaron Walker] pretty much cut his own throat right there in court—claimed he thought Brett Kimberlin’s iPad was a bomb, …

No, that’s not what Mr. Walker said. According to the transcript, he said this:

And at that point he stepped back, and now as he admits, broke court rules by attempting to take a photograph of me with his iPad. And I saw him go to do this, and I didn’t know what he was doing and I had a split second to think, Your Honor, and I didn’t know if this convicted bomber had a bomb inside of the device, had who knows what inside of the thing. So I had a split second to think and I reached down and I grabbed the iPad from him and I peaceably held it away from him, and that is all I did.

To be suspicious of a object in the hands of a convicted violent felon when he suddenly brandishes it in one’s face doesn’t strike me as an unreasonable response. To have the idea that a convicted bomber might still be playing with explosives seems to me to be an understandable thought. But notice that Aaron Walker doesn’t say that he thought the iPad was a bomb. He did, however, entertain that possibility.

… claimed he didn’t assault him, called a deputy as a witness and the deputy said “Yeah, he assaulted him, we stopped it.”

Returning to the transcript, here is Deputy James Johnson’s version.

When we arrived on scene, there were two individuals in the lobby that were already separated. They were not physically touching each other. Mr. Kimberlin did state that an assault did take place. We advised him that because we did not witness an assault, he would have to seek out charges at the Commissioner’s office and that that was it. After that he, Mr. Kimberlin left and we cleared the scene.

Deputy Johnson does not say that anyone assaulted anyone else. He says he did not witness an assault. He does not say that the deputies broke up the assault but that the parties were separated when the deputies arrived.

He was literally crying about losing his law license …

The only time that Aaron Walker mentions that he is a lawyer is to inform the judge that he isn’t a Maryland lawyer and is unsure about a particular procedure.

Your Honor, because I’m not quite clear of the procedures up here. I’m a Virginia lawyer and a D.C. lawyer, but not a Maryland lawyer.

At no time does any mention of losing his license to practice appear in the transcript.</fisking>

Once is an mistake. Twice is a coincidence. Three wrong claims in one email begins to look like purposeful lying.

UPDATE–FMNR did get one thing correct. Aaron Walker claimed that he took the iPad out of Brett Kimberlin’s hands in self-defense and that, thus, no assault occurred. The judge believed him.

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