Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt’s Small Web Presence

I ofter refer to Hogewash! as a bush league blog. It’s not even in the minors. Oh, there have been single days where an Instalanche has driven traffic to a couple of weeks worth of hits (Thanks, Prof. Reynolds.), but most of the time this blog puts absolutely no stress on’s servers.

cbbs20130124statsOTOH, this blog’s web presence far outshines that of Cabin Boy Bill Schmalfeldt’s Patriot-Ombudsman site (no, I won’t link to it). The data shown on the left was posted on his site when I visited it around 8:00 pm ET on 24 January. The total traffic since 24 September, 2012 is about 2/3 of this site’s traffic for December. To continue with the baseball analogy, if Hogwash! is a bush league site, Patriot-Ombudsman is playing Little League ball. CBBS has tried to increase his web footprint by joining up with Breitbart Unmasked (no, I won’t linke to it), but according to Alexa, that site, while having much more traffic than Patriot-Ombudsman, is well behind Hogewash! in page views and links.

So how is CBBS drawing such attention to himself? Shockingly bad manners and poor taste. Folks pay attention because he is disgusting. It’s as if he aspires to be a crude version Sydney Greenstreet’s character, Evan Llewellyn Evans, in The Hucksters, except that, unlike Evans, he doesn’t seem persuadable by reason.

He will probably continue to spew his mouth dropping for a while longer. I choose not to be offended by his childish insults, and while there’s probably fodder for a defamation suit in his rantings, Patterico has pointed out that it’s hard to prove damages resulting from a statement made by someone with no credibility.

UPDATE–ROFL! Normally, I don’t feed trolls, but CBBS’ tweets about this post do such a wonderful job of highlighting his personal insecurity that I have to publicly snicker. I’d retweet them or reproduce them here, but they’re simply too far below the standard of this site.

Also, welcome back, Mr. Down Twinkles.

3 thoughts on “Cabin Boy #BillSchmalfeldt’s Small Web Presence

  1. How sad for the Cabin Boy.

    He should find Jesus, and beg for forgiveness.

    And cut out the fast food, and the whining excuses.

    Own it, Small-felt! You get one life, and you are wasting it!

    • He is watching this space too. Must be glad that someone is talking about him or something. He tried to make a funny about your comment on twitter.

      Hi Cabin Boy. Your filthy mouth got you blocked once again by someone I saw. Shame.

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