Cyberstalking and How It Can Get Worse

Patterico has a good post up about a case of cyberstalking covered by the Chronicle of Higher Education. He also reviews Team Kimberlin’s methods of cyberstalking.

This is why I fiercely resist describing Kimberlin’s very personal campaign as political, even as I note how political partisans are getting roped in by his fables. This is why Stacy McCain resists being pulled into the story as a participant when he is trying to report it. They want to make it seem political. They want reporters to seem like participants. We are resisting their cynical techniques.

Read the whole thing.

UPDATE—Several postings or tweets by Team Kimberlin about me would probably make good fodder for a defamation suit, but, as Stacy McCain points out, suing them would make me a part of the story rather than an observer reporting on it. The closest I’ve come to becoming a participant is to report threats to me or others to law enforcement.

UPDATE 2–Patterico (comment 21) notes that it’s hard to sue for damages to one’s reputation when the comments are made by someone whose reputation is so poor that he has no credibility.

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