An Attack on Talk Radio?

Roger Kimball has a piece over at PJ Media about the possibility of a leftist attack on conservative talk radio that would consist of buying small stations and shutting down their conservative talk programming.

How might that work out?

The failure of Air America in the marketplace suggests that replacing conservative talk radio with leftist jabber would be a financial disaster. Shifting to music formats might or might not be successful for the new owners. Those buyouts, if they happened, would leave conservative talk radio “stuck” on 50 kW clear-channel stations and other major market outlets which wouldn’t be such a bad place to be. Those stations are for-profit operations whose programming is driven by ratings. They will stick with the likes of Rush Limbaugh as long as the stations’ ratings support good advertising revenue.

The marketplace of ideas is not exempt from the law of supply and demand.

6 thoughts on “An Attack on Talk Radio?

  1. Maybe what they’ll try to do is bring back the supposed “fairness doctrine,” which would force all those big time conservative talk show host on satellite.

    • Which would cause a minor growth in satellite radio subscribers, but a major drop in talk radio audiences. Not everyone can afford to drop cash on a new radio *AND* a monthly subscription; broadcast has the advantage of being advertiser funded.

      I think Leroy has the most likely answer — streaming/podcasting. More accessible and probably more affordable.

  2. Exempt, I think, is the word you want. Unless you wish to say, “excepted from”? Which doesn’t really work or read well, but you’re the writer, not me.

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