First Mate #NealRauhauser, Policy Wonk

Gentle Reader, I read Neal Rauhauser’s blog (no, I won’t link to it) so that you don’t have to. For the last few days, he’s been avoiding his usual topics and posting foreign policy and defense related stuff. He’s been particularly vocal about the situation in and around Mali.

Yesterday, he posted a series of post of near-Wikipedia quality stuff on various U. S. naval assets. If he had paid a bit more attention to current information he would, for example, have got the number of active duty aircraft carriers correct. (Neal, the Enterprise was withdrawn from active service last month and will be decommissioned in March. There are bloggers who know something of the Navy from first-hand experience who might have been better sources.)

Considering all the, shall we say, interesting things that seem to be coming to light of late, I’m not surprised that FMNR is trying to find something new to talk about.

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