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FALmagI have a Springfield Armory Match Grade SAR-48. It’s a competition version of the Brazilian-built FAL rifle. Since it uses the same magazines as the FAL and since there’s been a recent run on magazines, I was surprised to find proper FAL magazines offered for sale. They were listed as used FAL magazines made in Belgium by FN, the company that invented the rifle. So I ordered a few. The magazines that came aren’t used FN mags. They are brand-new, still in cosmoline, Israeli magazines. Wow.

These are standard-capacity magazines, so they are at the 20-round limit that has been arbitrarily imposed here in the Democratic People’s Republic of Maryland. I suppose that I’ll have to stay out of California, Hawaii, Massachusetts, New Jersey, New York (especially!), and Chicago and Aurora, Illinois, when using this rifle.

2 thoughts on “Buying Magazines

  1. You know, I had issues with magazines in the past. My parents kept signing me up for a subscription to this radically partizan progressive monthly magazine. And every year I would call the publisher, cancel it and tell them to delete my name from their database. Then my parents started signing me up for a subscription to a sewing magazine. That wasn’t as bad, but it hooked me into to all this strange junk mail.

    Ultimately I realized, the problem wasn’t the magazines, it was my parents. In fact, perhaps that’s the same situation with the states. Maybe the problem is just the government trying to act like our parents.

  2. John, You said it yourself, In the future one will have to go to Mexico and buy Full capacity Magazines from one of Eric Holder’s customers.

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