New York Outlaws M1 Rifle Clips?

20130115-120506.jpgThe online text of the Senate bill passed in New York appears to outlaw any removable device that feeds ammunition and holds more than 7 rounds. That would seem to outlaw the 8-round ammunition clips used with the M1 rifle. The M1 is still commonly used in high-power rifle matches and has never been attacked as an “assault weapon” before.

20130115-121448.jpgUPDATE–Yep, it looks like New York is criminalizing the possession of any piece of metal that has been bent into the shape shown on the left. Even if it has no cartridges clipped into it.

UPDATE 2–New York owners of the C96 Mauser (the handgun Winston Churchill used as a cavalry officer in the 19th century) will have to use the shorter 5-round stripper clips to load their pistols in a two-step process rather than the standard 10-round stripper clip shown below.The pistol itself should still be legal because it has a fixed (non-removable) magazine.

4 thoughts on “New York Outlaws M1 Rifle Clips?

  1. Will a clever designer find a way around the ban? Probably.
    Have I told you lately how stupid my state is? When they jacked up tobacco taxes to make them the highest in the country, they ended up LOSING millions in revenue as people either quit or purchased what they needed elsewhere. The whole state is run by radical leftist jackasses, and their schemes generally tend to backfire on them, but the state is filled with idiotic low information voters so the leftists keep accumulating power.

  2. An empty case, a little low temperature silver solder, and two minutes with a Dremel tool to cut clearance for the follower slide produced a 7 round Garand clip.

    I call “firsties!”

    • Sorry, Been there. Done that. But with three dummy cartridges to make a 5-round “legal for hunting” clip once upon a time. SN63/Pb37 solder works well enough.

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