Martin O’Malley Giving Up on 2016?

Martin O’Malley has made no secret of his interest in running for President in 2016. I suppose that he views himself as a successful governor who can run on his record of raising taxes and driving high-income taxpayers out of Maryland into Virginia and Delaware.

He has never been a friend of the Second Amendment, and the gun control measures he has proposed for this session of the Legislature would be the death of any candidacy in many of the red states. For example, he proposes that gun buyers should be required to report to a State Police barracks to be fingerprinted as part of their background check.

Perhaps he doesn’t remember what happened to his party after the 1994 “Assault Weapons” ban. Or it maybe that he thinks that the voters in the 40 shall-issue carry permit states really want additional restrictions on their civil rights. Or maybe he honestly believes (stop laughing) that the positive correlation between restrictive gun control and increased violent crime does not exist.

Whichever is true, passage of his gun proposals will likely end his viability as a presidential candidate outside of a few very blue states.

UPDATE–Gov. Cuomo, Jr., also wants a seat on the bandwagon to national political oblivion. (H/T, Instapundit)

3 thoughts on “Martin O’Malley Giving Up on 2016?

  1. Too bad the low information voters keep giving electoral wins to tyrants. You think the people who just re-elected the leper messiah wouldn’t do it again with another leftist radical?
    I live in NY, I tried to warn people about Cuomo, and remind them of his role in the housing crisis, but they didn’t listen, instead they agreed with some stupid magazine that deemed Cuomo’s ugly gorilla mug “sexy” and put him in office even after back to back disastrous dem governors. See my 2010 warning here:

  2. Yeah, I keep hearing the actions of these two as being part of presidential aspirations, but no one explains how that’s supposed to work.

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